It’s spring and your ready to get your rear yard landscaped. You call every contractor in the book and no one returns your calls. Then you think that maybe waiting until the May 24 long weekend to call a contractor wasn’t the way to go, you’re right! It’s spring and contractors are booking as quickly as they can to push them into the end of the season with work. Some good contractors already have work booked from the previous year, not to mention all the clients that plan there dream landscapes over the winter months.

So where does this leave you? waiting for a return call? Well you should do your homework, research the contractors, ask the stone suppliers about them. Work on your budget and get a realistic number that the contractors you are calling can actually help you complete. THINK ABOUT DESIGN!!! You may think you know what you want, but in my past experience customers tend to aim way too low when they are designing there yards. The platinum rule I follow, no pun intended, is what are the dream or bonus features you wish you had if there was an unlimited budget! Now I know what you are thinking, why would I do that? Well designing a living space is much different than a patio. I try to design living spaces not patios because the feeling you get when you enter an outdoor living space is an instant feeling of either excitement or relaxation, or a lounge feel. A patio feels like a place to put your your table on and possibly a large rectangle space that is usually right up against a house. Creating spaces and areas can make better use of your yard and it can still be the same square footage as the rectangle patio. Add the pool! Even if you can’t afford it design it into the space. This is the best way to see what space you have if one day you happen to win the lotto and get the pool you know fits.

Add the water features and fireplaces and use all the space and see if there is still some green space for the kids and dog. Don’t forget the softscaping! Plants can also change your mood, scents can make you relax and unwind from the day’s stresses. “Think outside the box”‘ hang outdoor curtains chandeliers and planters to create the outdoor room feel! So when you finally get this all figured out align your self with the designer or contractor you think that can supply you with that type of design and craftsmanship. BE PATIENT! you are not the only customer we need to call back. There is probably 100 ahead of you! Everyone wants their work done right away, good contractors are busy and its worth waiting for the right one to do the work correctly. You will be glad you did!

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