In Today’s landscaping industry there is so much competition that this leaves the home owners overwhelmed on who to contact for there landscape project. Lets face it we need good competition… notice I said “good competition”. What do I mean you ask? Well there always needs to be good competition between industry leader landscape professionals. Not these firefighters that have five days off between there work rotation, and decide to make extra money on the side. Not those folks who had been laid off from their factory positions and decided that this was the easiest to make a lot of money quickly, no i’m talking about the real contractors that eat, sleep, live for this type of work and promote the industry and try to contribute to growing this industry. These are the companies that know what it takes and know what it cost to run a successful business.

I know many contractors that started this way but progressed every year. I happen to be one of them. This is why I feel I need to give back and hopefully help others that where like myself who learned the hard way with no mentor to look up to. Most Landscape contractors either jumped into the industry with no knowledge of the work, while others new the workmanship part of the industry but knew nothing about business or how to run one. I am one of these self taught contractors. For the new enthusiastic few looking to start a landscape construction company take my advice ask the leaders in the industry to help point you in the right direction and you may be surprised at the help they will give you. We want to see the industry grow but we know not to play the price game. This keeps pricing at the realistic mark and not these prices that are well below Industry standard. Go to school! If you don’t get the education you need to grow your business then how do you expect to make it? Stop the guessing game and make sure you are setting your self up for success. I hope these words of encouragement can help someone else succeed.

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