The Latest Green Revolution in Stone Landscaping!

Asphalt and concrete driveways direct rainwater and surface pollutants – such as oil, fertilizer, pesticides, road salts and other toxic chemicals – onto roads and into storm sewers. From there, the dangerous contaminants can end up in rivers, lakes and ground water reservoirs. In order to protect our aquatic environments, Platinum Stone Design recommends installing a Techo-Bloc permeable paver driveway. By allowing water to pass through gaps in the surface stones and filter through an aggregate base, contaminants are properly contained and excess water is absorbed. Permeable paving effectively combines the load-carrying capacity of traditionally paved areas with the water-filtration properties of natural ground cover.

Benefits of Permeable Paving:

Permeable Paving has many benefits for homeowners and the environment, including:

  • Prevents pollutants from contaminating water systems
  • Does not contribute to flooding or erosion
  • Many green pavement products are made from recycled materials
  • Does not ice as quickly in winter since water cannot pool on the surface
  • Improves urban tree and flower bed growth by permitting air and water to the rooting zone
  • Water may be collected and recycled for watering lawns and gardens
  • A cost-effective way to add value to your home in a sustainable manner
  • Wide range of surface finishes, colors, shapes and sizes available

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Permeable paving is an effective, elegant and sustainable way to protect our natural water resources. To find out more about this innovative new service or to request a quote for your property, please call Platinum Stone Design today at 519-591-8622 or contact us for more information!